The Top 10 Writing Posts From July 2018

These were the new Writers Write posts you enjoyed most in July 2018:

  1. 6 Good Reasons To Use Scrivener To Write Your Book
  2. 5 Myths About Self-Publishing & Why They Are Simply Not True
  3. Use The 7 Deadly Sins To Strengthen Your Antagonist’s Motives
  4. Sarah Waters’ 10 Rules For Writers
  5. Why Writing A Novel Isn’t Like Writing Poetry
  6. Hilary Mantel’s 10 Rules For Writing Fiction
  7. 5 Ways To Get Your Characters Back On Track
  8. Word Count Problems: What’s The Deal With ‘Exactly’?
  9. 6 Questions To Ask Before You Publish Your Blog Post
  10. 16 Old Words for Young People

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