The Only Character Questionnaire You Need

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  1. Atoosa Salimi

    Loved this ?
    Thank you

  2. Writers Write

    Thank you, Atoosa.

  3. Davonne Burns

    I appreciate that unlike a lot of character questionnaires this one does address sexuality. I would suggest one small change, if I may? After Birth – #4 perceived biological sex of the child does not relate to their gender. Does the character agree with their birth gender assignment? This can have minor to major impact on them from the time they are toddlers until adulthood depending on how they identify and how supportive their caregivers are to them.
    Thank you for compiling such a great list of insightful questions.

  4. Writers Write

    Thank you for the suggestion, Davonne. It is certainly something to consider in future posts and questionnaires.

  5. Roland Clarke

    Although I have a character template that I use, I am always looking for ways to improve it. This has a lot of excellent questions. Thank you.

  6. Tom Mullane

    Absolutely brilliant list, thank you

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  8. abigail

    please send me this to my email inbox – very interesting.

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  10. ana ruiz

    Thank you!

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