How To Write A Short Story

Short Cuts Writing Workshop

We will show you how to write a short story. We will equip you with a plot recipe that you can use repeatedly.

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On Short Cuts – How To Write A Short Story – you will learn:

  1. A simple method of plot construction for short stories.
  2. How to use images in short stories.
  3. How to create characters who make impressions.
  4. How to keep you clear of the ‘muddle in the middle’.
  5. Why the ending must fit the character and the situation.
  6. How to prepare and submit a manuscript that stands out in a competition.

Join us for Short Cuts. Learn the recipe, apply it, and leave the workshop with a completed outline for your story.

When? 15 April 2018
Where? Dunkeld North, Johannesburg
How long? 09:00 – 16:00
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What you said about the course:

Excellent content. Excellent facilitator. I really feel that I will be able to achieve what I set out to do. ~Carrie

Methodical, well-structured, detailed – yet easy to comprehend. Anthony was friendly, relaxed, confident, approachable and encouraging. ~Angela

Beautiful venue. Great course. Approachable, experienced facilitator. ~Rudy

I thoroughly enjoyed all the content. 5/5 ~Nicolette

I found the course very helpful and I’m motivated to become more serious about my writing. ~Danae

Filled with great tips. Writers Write courses never fail to deliver. ~Maria

The practical nature is extremely helpful. The non-threatening approach allows one to accept valuable guidance. I am inspired to write a story; more importantly, I believe it can be done. ~Colleen

I am equipped with the skills to write a short story. Thank you. ~Castro


We have compiled a selection of our favourite Short Story Quotes for you to enjoy.