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Writers Write – How To Write A Book

Learn how to write a book at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

What you will learn on the course:

  1. Writers Write Online will teach you to take an idea and nurture it into a plot. We help you create characters readers remember. We encourage you to find the voices of your characters and to let them tell their stories.
  2. You will learn how to show and not tell. You will learn how to pace your story. You will learn about query letters, synopses, and the new world of publishing.
  3. You will learn how to write a book with plenty of practical exercises to back up the theory.

What you get:

  1. Your own coach!* Eight 45-minute Skype sessions with writing coach, Mia Botha. You can use these sessions to ask questions and discuss your writing. You can submit a piece of writing of no longer than 500 words for each session. These sessions must be taken within six months of signing up for the course.
  2. Immediate access through your account.
  3. 60 awesome modules.
  4. A printable workbook.
  5. A printable PDF of the course.

The 60 modules include: 

  1. Plotting
  2. Viewpoint
  3. Characters
  4. Dialogue
  5. Setting and Description
  6. Genre
  7. Pacing
  8. Scenes
  9. Beginnings, Middles and Ends
  10. Rewriting
  11. Blogging and Social Media
  12. Publishing

Writers Write - How To Write A Book ONLINE

What materials do I need?

  1. You need access to a computer, the internet, and if you decide to print the workbook, a printer.
  2. We encourage you to write by hand as much as possible, especially when you are doing prompts, exploring, or brainstorming characters and scenarios.
  3. But, you are welcome to use any tool or material that you are comfortable with. No two methods, or two writers, are the same.

How do I complete the exercises?

  1. Either download the course and work off a printed version OR work from the online modules on the website.
  2. Some will be free writing exercises; others will be more structured with specific instructions.
  3. For the free writing exercises, simply put pen to paper and see where it takes you.
  4. For the more structured exercises, try to follow the instructions. But then again, it’s creative writing and there are no rules.

How much is it?

US $599 (includes eight coaching sessions)

How to buy and access your online course:

How to pay:

1. Add to basket.
2. View basket.
3. Pay:

  • Use Paypal if you have a Paypal account, or
  • Pay with your credit card using the Iveri option. If you use Iveri, they will ask you to verify your account in whatever manner your bank does this. (Some banks do this via cell phone, for example.) or
  • Use your coupon if you have one.

4. Create account. (please remember to do this)

Your purchase and details will be confirmed on a page where you can download the course book and workbook.

Access your account:

If you want to access the course content online go to: My Account

You will be able to access the modules online and download the course book and workbook from there as well.

What you’ve said about the course:

Tracy Tamasi:

“I’m LOVING it. The exercises and information have helped me gain clarity in terms of how to organise when writing and also how the elements should work together.”

Laura Kirsten:

“I started my Writers Write Online Course – how to write a book – in April this year. The course opened up a whole new world for me.

I remember being fascinated, and a little shocked, by the writing techniques in the notes I received. I had a picture in my head that famous writers just sat down and wrote their best-selling novels, relying on talent alone. The workbook exercises taught me so much and made me think outside the box. I have been using them for various scenes and they work every time.

My online sessions were so inspiring. I was nervous every time I sent a sample of writing, but the facilitator soon put me at ease with her calm and positive feedback. Our sessions were full of fun and laughter and I learnt more than I ever expected. One very important lesson that I learnt from her is that ‘readers want to know more…’  I started trusting myself and my own writing. I will always be grateful for this.

I recommend this valuable course to writers and aspiring writers everywhere. You are guaranteed to learn something new.

Thank you, this was a life-changing experience.”

Fran Bezuidenhout:

“I have to say the course really exceeded my expectations. You did a fantastic job putting it together and I learned a lot.”

Beth Stillman Blaha:

“If you have considered, however briefly, throwing your hat in the ring, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  The materials and the coaching sessions are incredible.

The thoughtful, positive and encouraging approach to teaching brought a nebulous idea I had had in my mind for years into a manuscript over the course of eight months.  I looked forward to my sessions which filled my mind with new directions and ideas.”

Coaching Sessions*

  1. You get eight 45-minute Skype sessions with writing coach, Mia Botha.
  2. You can use these sessions to ask questions and discuss your writing.
  3. You can submit a piece of writing of no longer than 500 words for each session.
  4. These sessions must be taken within six months of signing up for the course.

P.S. If you want to speak to us, please email with your request.

Refund Policy: Our online courses are non-refundable. Once the course is accessed/downloaded, no refund will be granted regardless of the reason.