Grammar For Beginners: All About Conjunctions

Grammar For Beginners: All About Conjunctions

Over the next few months, I will be writing a Grammar For Beginners series. I am starting with parts of speech and I will be writing about conjunctions in this post.

What are parts of speech?

Language is made up of different words with different functions. These words are are known as parts of speech.

These categories are:

  1. Nouns
  2. Adjectives
  3. Verbs
  4. Conjunctions
  5. Articles
  6. Pronouns
  7. Adverbs
  8. Prepositions

Today, I will discuss conjunctions.

All About Conjunctions

Conjunctions join words, sentences, phrases, or clauses.

Examples: and, then, but, however, or, even.

Tip: Never begin a sentence with a conjunction in business writing.

Inexperienced writers overuse conjunctions,and they end up with too many thoughts in one sentence. Long sentences do not impress readers. They show a writer’s ignorance and chase readers away.

More examples: and, but, either…or, neither…nor, that, as, after, before, since, when, where, if.

There are three types of conjunctions: coordinating, subordinating, and correlative conjunctions. Have a look at their functions in this chart from

Grammar For Beginners: All About Conjunctions

Look out for next week’s post on prepositions.

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