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  1. H L Cadambi

    Calcutta, as it was then, 1979 – oh, actually, Calcutta has remained the same and always will, never mind some dimwitted politician changing its name. I was rushing over uneven pavements to catch a parked-but-threatening-to-run-away minibus, when I twisted my ankle. Badly. I blacked out. In no time, a dozen of the citizenry were with me, helping me up, sitting me down on a parapet, putting a bag under my foot for support….
    And, outta nowhere, a middleaged bhadralok, dhoti and kurta, proffered me a chilled ThumsUp. He’d actually crossed the traffic-laden thoroughfare to get me that, and would soon have to cross again to return the bottle!
    I seized upon it and quaffed deeply. Some sense returned, including that of shooting pain….but, I remembered my upbringing and pulled out my wallet for the Rs 2 or so for the ThumsUp.
    The gentleman refused it! “This is my insurance”, he said. :One day soon, I will require help. Maybe too, help that costs more. If I don’t help you today, how can I expect help when I need it?”

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