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  1. Cathy Fitzgerald

    Climate change is real.

  2. Sarah

    It all began here.

  3. Sarah

    It’s not too late.

  4. Steven Bowers

    Yes! We are Martians!

  5. Anupama Shukla

    this is the end.

  6. Eliana

    You won’t survive here.

  7. Low win yee

    Now kill them all

  8. Amber

    Sometimes it’s worth it

  9. Cara James sean

    You took your time!

  10. Lyn

    Kilroy was here too.

  11. ComandanteChispas

    Have a nice day.

  12. Priyanshu

    Did you miss me?

  13. Edgar


  14. Gem

    Don’t come here again

  15. Peter

    Should’ve gone to Specsavers

  16. Hugh

    HG Wells woz Err !

  17. Niti

    I miss my Earth!

  18. Kerry Evans

    God save the Queen

  19. Niti

    Please take me home!

  20. Özkan Öz

    Save our souls please.

  21. Dr Mike Reddy

    My past. Your future…

  22. Luke

    Why me? Why me?

  23. Luke

    First Italian on Mars

  24. Edward

    Found you way back!

  25. Sandra

    I waited and waited …

  26. Toni

    Wrong shortcut, I guess…

  27. Tom

    Don’t stop me now

  28. Danny Gann

    My name was Adam!

  29. Susan

    Welcome back home humans!

  30. Windber

    Franklin knew the way.
    (Benjy knew the way)

  31. Ash

    What took so long?

  32. Lon Grover

    What man hath wrought.

  33. Brent

    mene, mene, tekel, parsin

  34. D.A.K


  35. Kushal

    Martian Manhunter is real!

  36. Kushal Walia

    Who moved my home?

  37. Kushal Walia

    The war begins now!

  38. Kushal Walia

    I knew you’d come!

  39. Kushal Walia

    Earth’s our new home!

  40. Justin

    IT wasn’t that good.

  41. Clare Rhoden

    Now look behind you!

  42. Ankita Sangle

    Fear life, not death!

  43. Ralph

    We finally made it!

  44. Mary

    Come this way again
    You were here before

  45. Zula Wilson

    Did you bring coffee?

  46. Rick Fellows

    Elon sent me here

  47. Edgard

    My name is Elon

  48. Ken Ellis

    I’ll be back, Dejah.

  49. Kiranpreet

    The wait is over…

  50. J

    They left me here.

  51. Faust

    Sorry for the inconvenience

  52. Bart Simpson


  53. Christopher B Murray

    I love string cheese.

  54. Paul Fruehauf

    We made it. Why?

  55. Hek

    We screwed it too

  56. Mary

    Make America Great Again

  57. Simon Peyton

    Mars is not dead

  58. Luis Melim

    The end is 2022

  59. Walt


  60. KATHY

    You took too long!

  61. KATHY

    Remember me, I tried

  62. KATHY

    Too little too late

  63. Laurie P

    The year was 2017

  64. H.G. Wallace

    We will be back

  65. Matthew Irvin

    Space travel? Time travel!

  66. Tim

    Time is an illusion

  67. Marc

    I am not alone

  68. Patrick

    I love my mum

  69. DEL

    Martians’ lives matter too.

  70. Dan

    It’s all a lie!

  71. James

    We are out of bacon!

  72. Wayne Sharpe

    Leave this place, NOW!

  73. Jeff

    Nothing to see here.

  74. Lesley Jolly

    I worked with junior high school students with this writing activity. They loved it! I thought you’d enjoy some of their ideas ~

    First step, last breath.
    We are always here.
    You are now next.
    Welcome to our home.
    It is coming. Run!
    I ran. You will.

  75. Michael A

    Take the blue pill.

  76. Jes


  77. Vahit Emre GUNES

    Flawed version. Cleanse planet.

  78. CCJ

    Find Spirit and Curiosity

  79. Colin Boyd

    My time machine broke.

  80. joachim loriot


  81. Zero132132

    Fake Moon Landing Stage

  82. suraz

    I miss you baby!

  83. Neo

    I got here first.

  84. joe potato

    Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

  85. Colby

    Elon Musk wuz here

  86. milkshaken


  87. Brad

    Here lies Will Robinson

  88. Mark Lyman

    You will never understand.

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