10 Ways To Seduce A Writer

10 Ways To Seduce A Writer

by Amanda Patterson

© Amanda Patterson

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  1. Ernestine Rose

    This was wonderful. I’m looking forward to more words of wisdom. I can relate to all of that!

  2. Ansgar Silberberg

    “Buy writers books as gifts” – NEVER. Do. That. Most people choose books they would like themselves or (worse) books advertised by the shop assistants (this is how I got Shades of Grey ). It’s like gifting a man a pink bow for their hair … just don’t. Try a gift card.

  3. Kit

    To the person stating you should never but a book as a gift, speak for yourself. I love receiving books as gifts and know many writers and readers who do. As long as the giver makes an effort to note the recipient’s tastes, I think it’s a thoughtful gift.

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