10 Formatting Tips To Make Your Online Text More User-Friendly

10 Formatting Tips To Make Your Online Text More User-Friendly

We know that there are millions of blogs out there. Keeping a reader’s attention is difficult. Remember that people skim when they read online. It is also more difficult to read and retain online text.

10 Formatting Tips

Here are 10 quick formatting tips to make the text in your blog posts more reader-friendly:

  1. Use lists (like this one).
  2. Use headings and sub-headings.
  3. Use a sans serif font. (A sans serif font is one that does not have the twirls on the ends of the letters.) It gives a clean, modern look. Examples include: Verdana, Lucida Sans, Arial, Helvetica
  4. Make sure your font is big enough – don’t be shy. We suggest 14-16px.
  5. Write in a readable way. Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short. Make use of readability statistics. [Read: Why You Should Care About Readability Statistics]
  6. Use one colour (black or dark grey) for text and one other to highlight.
  7. Use plain backgrounds. We suggest white or cream.
  8. Use the bold function sparingly when you need to emphasise a point.
  9. Avoid flashing images and italics. They disrupt the reading process.
  10. Ask somebody who does not follow your blog to read it. Do they understand it?

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 by Amanda Patterson

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