Persuasive Writing - Emotional vs Intellectual Words

I have written about persuasive writing in an article where I discuss Ethos, Logos, Pathos. Persuasive writers use words to convince the reader to listen or to act. 

I found this useful list of words in an interesting article called Common words that suck emotional power out of your content by John Gregory Olson. He explains how words have emotions attached to them, and that you should choose the correct ones for the response you want to elicit from your reader.

Use these words if you want to get an emotional, rather than an intellectual, response from your readers.

Click on the link to read the full article.

 by Amanda Patterson. Follow her on  Facebook,  Google+Tumblr  and Twitter.  


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You treat words as living things
You treat words as living things
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To me, words are more precious than diamonds.
Very good and useful information makes y teaching very easy. Thank you
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In other words, usage of formal language makes writing sound quite unnatural and fake concerning emotions. Writing any sort of story using everyday language makes it even easier for readers to percept.
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