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If you do, join us for our creative writing course - Writers Write.

If you want to learn the craft of storytelling, it is an ideal course. The principles can be applied to novels, memoirs, short stories, screenplays, blogging, and even to storytelling for business. We guarantee an easy-to-learn, simple writing recipe that works. Our course is both practical and inspiring.

Venues? In Johannesburg (unless otherwise indicated)


15-18 August 2016 (four consecutive weekday mornings)
5-8 September 2016 (four consecutive weekday mornings)
1,8,15,22 October (four consecutive Saturday mornings)

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We cover:

  1. Plotting – From the beginning, through the muddle in the middle to the end 
  2. Pacing – Including the five must-have surprises and even more techniques
  3. Scene and sequel – The basis for a successful book
  4. Description – Including the fantastic extra-sensory synaesthesia techniques
  5. Characterisation – The perfect template for creating your iconic characters 
  6. Dialogue – Creating voices that readers remember
  7. The World of Publishing – Including easy-to-understand synopses and query letters

What happens after the course?

When you finish the course, you can continue your journey with us by following our daily writing posts on . We encourage you to explore the writing resources already featured on this site. We add tips, ideas, and interesting writing trivia every day. You can also subscribe to these updates.


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