Business Writing Courses

Learn to communicate in a concise, accurate, and effective way. Your success in business depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts into written and spoken words. Our practical, interactive course shows you how to do this. 

Writing clearly in business is not a luxury. It is a necessity. We have to learn how to communicate so that it is impossible for others to misunderstand us. Poor writing results in missed opportunities, lost sales, and loss of credibility.

Writers Write offers a two-day advanced business writing course – The Plain Language Programme. This course is not for beginners, but emphasises plain language requirements. 

Our course relies on instructor-student interaction, practical exercises, and intensive feedback. 

We include:

  1. A grammar refresher
  2. Business writing skills 
  3. Business writing templates
  4. Email correspondence and email etiquette 
  5. Storytelling for business
  6. Report writing
  7. Writing proposals
  8. Writing for the web
  9. Editing

Dates for 2016

13-14 September
11-12 October

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What is Plain Language? Legal Definition


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