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Emdash on a Mac is actually option+shift+hyphen. Macs don't have an alt key.
I use this little cutie often ~just to add a pause ~ but have no idea what he is really for ~ do you?
Attn: Nicole. I would like to respectfully bring to your attention the errors in the text of your graphic. (1) In the second Pro Tip, it should read "use an" instead of "us a." Also, a comma is used in this "Pro Tip" when it should be a semi-colon. A comma should NEVER be used without a conjunction to separate 2 independent clauses. This is a bad habit that is becoming all too common these days, and to be honest, it makes me crazy. (2) In the third Pro Tip, again, it should read "an en-dash."
Not that it is that important, but the correct address for grammarist is http://grammarist.com/grammar/en-dash/ (en-dash, not em-dash)
Corrigendum - Sorry about my previous entry :(. em-dash is there also, just not as visible.
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