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You Can Submit A Better Manuscript

Becoming a best-selling author is the driving force behind every aspiring writer. Only the most determined make it.

Writers Write offers an advisory service to help bring your manuscript to the required standard for submission to a literary agent or publisher. Once you have completed your book, Writers Write advises you follow these steps.

Step 1: Manuscript Appraisals

The first step is getting advice. Many writers feel feedback from family and friends is enough. It isn’t. Neither is the opinion of another published author. Writers should engage the services of a writing professional who is experienced in appraisals. A comprehensive 9 to 15 page report highlights the best parts of your manuscript. It draws attention to weaknesses. The appraiser assesses quality. This saves you time and money. All writers benefit from a critical reading of their work.

Step 2: Editing

Editing is about looking at the bigger picture. It is about reviewing your manuscript as a whole. There are two levels of editing: The first level will focus merely on the content, structure, language and style of the manuscript. The next level of editing is more complicated and requires skill and diplomacy. The editor advises on storyline and character development and makes recommendations. Often these recommendations include deleting characters, part of a story or even changing the story. The insecure writer may not understand the recommendations and see this as a sign of weakness. You reserve the right to listen to these recommendations.

Step 3: Proof reading

The proof-reader scans and highlights spelling, sentence structure and grammar. The proof-reader looks at the correctness of the text with a magnifying glass. I prefer to proof read a text once editing, formatting and manuscript layout is complete. Typos and misplaced punctuation creep into manuscripts. Submitting a polished, error-free manuscript puts you one-step ahead of the pack. It shows publishers you respect them. It also shows you are serious about becoming a writer.

Writers Write appraisers teach authors how to write. More than 130 Writers Write graduates are published. The appraisers are also experienced book reviewers and avid readers. And our appraisers are published authors.

Ulrike Hill - Writers Write by Ulrike Hill

Ulrike is a Business & Creative Writing Facilitator for Writers Write.

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  1. Evalina van Wijk

    Dear Ulrike,
    I wrote a narrative about me, my mother and Alzheimers disease. My problem is the facts are all there, but struggle to put it into a flowing story. The publishing company advises me to get a ghost writer to assist me in the endeavor. f you are interested, please email me back.
    Evalina van Wijk

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