Writers Write Is One Of The 100 Best Websites For Writers in 2018

Writers Write Is One Of The 100 Best Websites For Writers In 2018

Each year, The Write Life releases a list of the 100 Best Websites for Writers.

Writers Write has been included on the list for 2018. You will find us at number 33 under creativity and craft. Thank you for including us!

Each website featured in this list meets the following criteria:

  1. It was recommended by readers of The Write Life
  2. It publishes content helpful to writers
  3. It has been updated recently and regularly

The 2018 list is broken into nine categories: Blogging, creativity and craft, editing, freelancing, marketing and platform building, podcasts, publishing, writing communities and teens and kids. All sites are listed in alphabetical order within their categories, with numbers for ease of reading (not ranking).

Click here to see the full list: The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2018

As The Write Life says: ‘Whatever kind of writer you want to be, you can probably find a blog or online community to help you get there.’

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