Why Social Media & Blogging Matter To Your Business

Where do you think your business referrals originate?

On our blogging and social media course we spend time detailing which platforms work best for different industries. Once we have established a blog, we need to choose which social media platforms work for our purposes.

You can see from this chart that business referrals come primarily through the Internet, either from Google, which takes its cue from your ability to maintain a great website/blog, or Facebook, which reflects your ability to write for social media.

As I mentioned in this article, The Rise And Fall – 13 Social Media Trends To Watch In 2017, Facebook is essential for businesses who interact with customers directly for generating referrals on the Internet.

In a post from Statista, Martin Armstrong writes:

“It’s a common conception that everybody finds everything online via a Google search. According to research by Parse.ly, though, this is actually far from the case. All told, the lion’s share of referral traffic comes from Facebook (although it should be noted that Google AMP is not included in the analysis).

Where the picture becomes a little less clear is when we break down the referrals by topic. Lifestyle page referrals, for example, are dominated by Facebook (87 percent) whereas people generally find job postings through Google Search (84 percent).

This chart shows a distribution of referral traffic sources, by article topic.”

Source: Statista

Nieman Lab also picked up on this story. In an article posted on their website, they say: “New research from Parse.ly suggests that news organisations trying to make the most of Facebook referrals and Google search traffic need to be extra discerning about story topic, as some — like lifestyle or entertainment — see the majority of their referral traffic coming from Facebook, while others — like tech, sports, and business — see the lion’s share of their traffic coming through Google search. (The findings were based on Parse.ly’s analysis of more than 10 million articles published last year by outlets within its network.)”

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by Amanda Patterson

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