What you said about Writers Write in October

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Do you want to write a book? We think these Writers Write delegates feel as if they can after attending our novel-writing course.

  • The course was very detailed. I felt it covered a lot of the issues I was having with my novel. The facilitator is insightful, patient and enthusiastic. She coloured in the classes with her imaginative examples. I really enjoyed it. ~Gabriela
  • All the essentials with none of the fluff. I loved the exercises and there were great examples illustrating each learning point. I came to get solid tips, advice and techniques on how to write a novel. I believe that is exactly what I got. ~Marise
  • It was very intense but it made me take writing seriously. It’s helped me re-evaluate my goals. The facilitator provided great constructive criticism. Quite inspirational. ~Leonie
  • I loved the course content. The formal mechanisms and tools were what I was looking for. ~Anthony
  • Excellent. ~Shana
  • The course met all my expectations. Thank you. The facilitator was well-spoken, confident, articulate and thorough. ~Deirdre

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