What Your Words Say About You

‘There has never, in history, been a greater demand for words.’ ~Thad McIlroy, The Future of Writing

Everything begins with a word. Everything you say. Everything you write. Everything you think.

Without words, there is no news, no opinion, and no connection. You can have all the intention, the goodwill, the best, the most, the greatest, but without words, no one will know, no one will care. No-one will know to care.

Words are what will make this century move. We have more word platforms than ever. We Facebook, we tweet, we blog, we e-mail, and that’s before we leave the house.

What about at work? We work with reports, with proposals, with presentations. We tell people about ourselves with the words we choose. And yet, what are we telling them?

Our writing is filled with:

  1. Spelling mistakes: A dessert that is rich and full becomes a desert.
  2. Poor grammar: This is why this are an interesting subject.
  3. Lecturing: Lots of words sewn together obliterating white space. Insofar, actually, of course, quite frankly.
  4. Boring jargon: Let’s join the conversation, let’s maximise our current objectives, at the end of the day.

Writers Write teaches you to avoid writing this way. We believe in writing to communicate.