3 Top Tips For Writing For Social Media

Here are three things you should remember before you write a word.

1. The shorter the better

Even if some platforms allow you to write a longer message, always share yours in the shortest, most effective length. Cut unnecessary padding words and phrases. Examples: nearly, very, really, almost, finally, in fact, I mean, what I wanted to say. Use sentence fragments. It adds a conversational tone and saves space.

2. Make a scene

Stand out. Get noticed. Offer something valuable. You could be sharing a link, giving advice, posting a quote, announcing an event, or asking a question. Whatever you do it must be of value to your audience. You also have to write that message in a way that makes your words sound exciting, intriguing, and irresistible.

3. Be friendly

Social media is about interacting. It is not necessarily about having a conversation, but you are sharing your product and your world with real people and you need to write conversationally. You need to be charming and you need to make friends. Do not use hype. Do not use jargon. Do not sound as if you are selling something. Do not lecture. Communicate. You would not use these tactics with real friends, why use them on social media?

What is the most important thing to remember?

You are not invisible. You are completely exposed on Social Media. So, look good, sound good, and be on your best behaviour.

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© Amanda Patterson
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