The Ultimate Blogging Checklist

We know that it’s almost impossible to run a successful business today without a strong online presence. It’s even more difficult to be noticed in the ever-changing social media landscape. If your business does not have a blog, it’s unlikely that you will be successful on these platforms.

I have written many times that your blog is ‘your headquarters for content. It where you set ground rules, showcase your brand, establish your reputation, share your knowledge, and show your expertise.’ It is from this blog that you will be able to build your online empire. [Read How Creating Content (And Sharing On Social Media) Leads To Sales]

I’ve often wished I had a simplified version of everything you need to do to become a blogger in one place. When I found this post, I wanted to share it with you. Pauline Cabrera has put together everything she’s learnt about building an effective blog in this useful blogging checklist.

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