The Top 10 Writing Posts From November 2016

  1. 127 Prompts To Finish Before You Write About Yourself
  2. 6 Ways To Shorten Your Sentences And Improve Your Writing
  3. 10 Ways To Create Dangerously Nuanced Antagonists
  4. Stay On Track With Our NaNoWriMo 2016 Calendar
  5. P.S. It’s Time To Remove Those Adverbial Dialogue Tags
  6. Why You Should Not Use Nominalisations When You Write
  7. Write Your Novel In A Year – Week 44: White Hot Writer – 7 Tricks To Write Faster
  8. Write Your Novel In A Year – Week 46: 3 Lessons On Theme, Character, And Plot
  9. 33 Commonly Misunderstood Words & Phrases
  10. 12 Common Writing Mistakes Bloggers Make

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