The Top 10 Writing Posts From February 2018

These were the new Writers Write posts you enjoyed most in February 2018:

  1. 20 Clutter Words & Phrases To Avoid
  2. John Grisham’s 8 Do’s And Don’ts For Popular Fiction
  3. The Daily Writing Routines Of 20 Famous Authors
  4. 5 Ways To Start Using Killer Dialogue In Your Story
  5. Punctuation For Beginners: All About Hyphens & Em Dashes
  6. All About Writing Prompts & Writing Practice
  7. Do You Have A Romance Novel In You?
  8. 12 Short Stories – Calendar For February
  9. The Top 50 Writing Blogs Of 2018
  10. 4 Tips & Tricks To Help You Survive Your Outline

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