The 3 Most Abused Words In Emails (and other writing mistakes)

With emails, everyone is likely to be the first point of contact for potential clients. We have all become business writers in today’s electronic world. Everybody who has a keyboard and access to the Internet can make, or break, your company’s image.

I have written many posts on email etiquette and how important it is to make a good first impression. I have even likened poor email etiquette to ambushing strangers in the street and high-fiving them with filthy hands. If you know this is an unsavoury approach, and if you care about first impressions, I hope these email tips help you improve your communication skills.

Deborah Tan, writes about the three most abused words in emails, misplaced or missing commas, and the misuse of the words ‘that’ and ‘which’ in this Infographic. She says: ‘As an editor, I guess it’s become an “occupational hazard” to pick apart every single email I receive.’

We hope you find her explanations in this Infographic as useful as we do.

Source: Material World

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