The Pros And Cons Of Writing In Second Person

The Pros And Cons Of Writing In Second Person

Can you see what second person does?

The Pros And Cons Of Writing In Second Person

  1. It creates an intrusive intimacy.  There is a closeness with your reader that is, well, shudder-inducing. It reels you in and then it climbs inside. Some say first person is the closest you get. But, for me, second person takes it a step further or should that be closer? I can distance myself from first person; that ME isn’t me. But, when the YOU is used, it is almost too close.
  2. This has a vice-versa effect. It is also easier to distance yourself. Weird, right? You won’t feel connected to what is happening because you might not be able to relate to the scenario. Remember what I said about literary genius?
  3. It can be confusing. You also run the risk of confusing your reader and it can become exhausting and feel relentless. Many people simply don’t like it. I enjoy it. I like getting freaked out, but only for a little while.

If you want to experiment, try a prompt in a viewpoint you aren’t comfortable with. Write the same scene in first, second, and third person. It’s amazing how the focus changes with each viewpoint.

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 by Mia Botha

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