Book Review – The Devotion Of Suspect X

by Keigo Higashino (Little Brown) ISBN 978 1408 703 250

I don’t know if this book is good. Let’s examine the facts. It is written well. And this is almost always good but there’s not much to say about well written books.

The plot is interesting if a bit rehashed and threadbare for a murder mystery. Though I don’t fault it for that. After all characters make the book, and certainly the population of this world is interesting.  Though I find I didn’t really care about them enough to be shocked at the end.

And that’s where it falls flat it feels like each character could have had at least five to six more chapters of development to give them some life. However, that would turn this book into a 1000 page boring monster that nobody would read.

In all fairness it is translated and may have lost some of its spunk in the process. But that is really no excuse.

I like it and it’s worth the trouble but it’s really only half a book that promises much and then ups and leaves town in the night with your free cash and a day or two of your hard earned time. 

Christopher Dean