The 9 Essential Social Media Platforms

A while ago, I wrote a series called Social Media 101. If you missed it, I have written this post so that you can access the links in one post. 

I start with the basics of what you need to know about blogs, and then discuss the major social media platforms in more detail. Each post explains what the platform is about, why it is important, how to set up your page, how to use it, and how to succeed.

I believe that the secret to succeeding in social media is blogging. If you only have a static website, you will find it almost impossible to make an impression on social media platforms. Starting a Facebook page and linking back to the same boring website will chase followers away. 
A constantly updated blog gives you something new to share on social media. This makes you, or your company, interesting and relevant. People will start noticing you and, if they like what you have to say, they will follow you.
Here are the nine platforms you should consider:

  1. Social Media 101 – What is a Blog?
  2. Social Media 101 – What is Facebook?
  3. Social Media 101 – What is Pinterest?
  4. Social Media 101: What is Instagram?
  5. Social Media 101 – What is YouTube?
  6. Social Media 101 – What is Twitter?
  7. Social Media 101 – What is Google+?
  8. Social Media 101 – What is Tumblr?
  9. Social Media 101 – What is LinkedIn?

I hope this series inspires you to start blogging and to decide which platforms will best suit you or your business.

Happy blogging!

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