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The 12 Short Stories Writing Challenge For 2019

The 2018 12 Short Stories Challenge Is Done

Congratulations to the following amazing writers who wrote 12 Short Stories in 12 months. I am very proud of you.

But, before you go hunting for your name, check out these interesting facts.

Seven Interesting Facts:

  1. You wrote 12 short stories.
  2. You read and commented on at least 48 short stories. That is almost a story a week.
  3. You wrote 15 000 words. Yes, the is total number of words for the challenge.
  4. You are one of 82 writers who completed the challenge.
  5. 19 of the 82 writers did for the second time.
  6. You made a difference to someone else’s writing.
  7. You showed up. Every month. With a story.

Well done!

The stats:

The winners:

Adam Himmer, Adam Jeffrey, Amanda Rioux, Amber Cole, Amrita Sarkar, Angelique Pacheco, Anita Shapiro, Anthea Pretoruis, Ash.MK, Carolyn Dekat, Cathryn D’Aldi, Chantelle Turner, Christopher Joyce, Christy Kunin, David Macfie, Delrae Goodburn Lurie, DL Jessop, Ellen Eigner, Florence Waeni, Franciska Merrick, Georgiana Nelsen, Gordon Pinckheard, Janice, Jennifer Mackinnon, Jens Grabarske, Jessica Cherinka, JT Blackie, Julie Stock, Kali McCracken Goodenough, Kathy Jeffords, Kathy Sanford, Kia Weathersby, Kim Dickinson, Kim Kneen, Kirsten Use, Lana Alam, Liané Greef, Linzé Brandon, Lionel Mullally, Maria Delaney, Martin Botha, Miriam Calleja, Patricia Holburn, Paul Slater, Peggy Rockey, Peter Lewis, Riham Gharib, Ritta M. Basu, RL Nel, Sally Brown, Sharon Clark, Shwetha HS, SM Prasad, Srivalli Rekha, Steve Caron, Suchita Ramphal, Susan O’Neal, Tanner Brooks, Tapan Mozumdar, Thomas Mullane, Tybalt, Wanda Hughes, Will

And then the double champs:

Annalie Kleinloog, Anusuya, Audra Russell, Beth Stillman Blaha, Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait, Debbie Gravett, Elaine Dodge, Irene Cornwell, Jeff Mauser, JM Barrie Marilize Roos, Mark Patterson, Martin Haworth, Mia Botha, Michael James, Moira le Roux, Olga Everaert, Sophia Bonnie Wodin, Zita Fogarty

I am so proud of everyone who contributed. The new challenge starts on 9 January. Please take a  look at what the writers said about this year’s challenge.

Sign up today at

Short Story Challenge starts 9 January 2019

What you had to say: comments and more comments

 by Mia Botha

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