The 20 Best Bookish Gifts 2011

Looking for fabulous present for your beloved? Here is a selection of intriguing gifts, with some interesting price tags attached.

1.    Exclusive Literary Clutch Bags from €950

2.    Library Books Mug

3.    Leather book covers for Mac

4.    Christmas Elf Bookmarks

5.    I’d rather be reading T-Shirt

6.    Leather book cover for iPhone – doubles as a wallet.

7.    UK Literary Map

8.    Book Clock

9.    Rubik’s Cube – Nine-letter-word puzzle – $1200.00

10.Novel Teas – 25 Tea Bags with Literary Quotations

11.Bookish Notebook

12.Gift Voucher for a Writers Write Course in 2013

13.A bookish tent for camping nerds – £555.00

14.Unconventional Bendy Bookshelves

15.The best book on furnishing rooms with books

16.E Reader Jackets

17.Falling Book Ends

18.Hipster Book Bags

19.Literary Quotations – Framed

20.And to wrap it all up – Universal Wrapping Paper

 by Amanda Patterson

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