The 20 Best Bookish Gifts 2011

Are you looking for fabulous present for the beloved writer or reader in your life? Enjoy this selection of intriguing gifts, with some interesting price tags attached.

1.    Exclusive Literary Clutch Bags from €950

2.    Library Books Mug

3.    Leather book covers for Mac

4.    Christmas Elf Bookmarks

5.    I’d rather be reading T-Shirt

6.    Leather book cover for iPhone – doubles as a wallet.

7.    UK Literary Map

8.    Book Clock

9.    Rubik’s Cube – Nine-letter-word puzzle – $1200.00

10.Novel Teas – 25 Tea Bags with Literary Quotations

11.Bookish Notebook

Writers Write Gift Voucher

12.Gift Voucher for a Writers Write Course

13.A bookish tent for camping nerds – £555.00

14.Unconventional Bendy Bookshelves

15.The best book on furnishing rooms with books

16.E Reader Jackets

17.Falling Book Ends

18.Hipster Book Bags

19.Literary Quotations – Framed

20.And to wrap it all up – Universal Wrapping Paper

 by Amanda Patterson