10 Daily Habits That Make a (Good) Writer


6. Practice Spirituality. Take time every day (or several times a day) to consciously go to that place you name Sacred — through prayer, meditation, or simply being mindful and present in the present. Make time for whatever you do that keeps you in touch with your spiritual self.

7. Pay Attention. Notice the quality of light, the heft of air, color of sky, faces, clouds, flowers, garbage, graffiti — all of it. Slow down and pay attention. Stop during your walks and examine a leaf. Read the writing in shop windows. Observe people getting on a bus, the bus driver, the stink of the bus exhaust.

8. Give Back. Do something good or kind for someone or the planet. Speak to someone you don’t know, smile, help a friend (or a stranger), plant a flower, reuse a paper bag, wrap a gift with newspaper, walk instead of driving. Be generous with whatever you have to give.

9. Connect with Another Writer. Meet a writing friend for coffee, write a letter to a writer whose work you admire (email counts, but not as much as a real handwritten letter in a real envelope with a real stamp that will arrive in someone’s mailbox), make a phone call to a writer friend. Attend a poetry reading, a book signing; take part in a workshop. Write with someone. Go online to a writers’ chat room, join an online writers’ group, respond to a blog, email a poem to a friend.

10. Write. Sometime, someplace, every day, honor your writer-self and spend some time writing.

A Writer’s Book of Days


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  1. Momina Arif

    those are 10 habits to metal health more than,writing

  2. Shayista Ardhad

    Very useful advice. I have been trying to practise writing for sometime now. The tips mentioned by you are very valuable. I will defiantly incorporate them.

  3. Olatomi Afilaka

    Use advice that I am going to practice on my writers journey

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