Viewpoint Mini-Series

Experimenting With Viewpoint

Viewpoint Part Four – Experimenting With Viewpoint

Fish And Rain: Experimenting With Viewpoint “I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet.” – Douglas Adams Viewpoint is a great way to experiment with your voice as a writer, to find different techniques for story telling. Too often writers…
Viewpoint Is About Judgement

Viewpoint Part Three – Viewpoint Is About Judgement

True Meaning: Viewpoint Is About Judgement “I wanted you to see out of my eyes so many times.” Elizabeth Berg in Pull of the Moon. When you’re writing from a character’s point of view, you are living that character on the page. You know what makes…
Viewpoint Is About Distance

Viewpoint Part Two – Viewpoint Is About Distance

Getting Warmer: Viewpoint Is About Distance Warm or cold? When we were kids, we’d play games in the garden. Someone would hide an object somewhere. While you searched, they would say ‘You’re getting warm’ when you got closer, or ‘You’re getting cold’ if you got…
Viewpoint Is Your Voice

Viewpoint Part One – Viewpoint Is Your Voice

Get Real: Viewpoint Is Your Voice “Every story is first person, whether the speaker identifies himself or not.” James Moffett Just as you recognise a good friend’s laughter across a loud and crowded party, readers instantly recognise your voice in a story or novel. Your…