Short Story Challenge

12 Short Stories Competition

Last Chance To Submit Your Short Story

All stories for the 2018 12 Short Stories Competition must be submitted tomorrow. Here are the details: Prompt: The Cottage. Word count: 1200 words Deadline: 19 September 2018 Cost: $35 You will have until 10 October 2018 to comment and rewrite your story. A huge…

Delete – Submit Your Ninth Short Story For 2018 Today

Nine stories done! I am very proud. So far, we have almost 80 writers in line to get 12/12. Keep going, writers. If you haven't entered our competition yet, read 12 Short Stories – Competition Time Again! Submission process: I will accept and approve posts…
12 Short Stories Competition

12 Short Stories – Competition Time Again!

We are thrilled to announce the second 12 Short Stories Writing Competition. The competition is open to everyone, but please read the Terms & Conditions and familiarise yourself with the 12 Short Stories website: 12 Short Stories Please note: This year, the competition will be on a separate…