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12 Short Stories Competition

Last Chance To Submit Your Short Story

All stories for the 2018 12 Short Stories Competition must be submitted tomorrow. Here are the details: Prompt: The Cottage. Word count: 1200 words Deadline: 19 September 2018 Cost: $35 You will have until 10 October 2018 to comment and rewrite your story. A huge…

Delete – Submit Your Ninth Short Story For 2018 Today

Nine stories done! I am very proud. So far, we have almost 80 writers in line to get 12/12. Keep going, writers. If you haven't entered our competition yet, read 12 Short Stories – Competition Time Again! Submission process: I will accept and approve posts…
12 Short Stories Competition

12 Short Stories – Competition Time Again!

We are thrilled to announce the second 12 Short Stories Writing Competition. The competition is open to everyone, but please read the Terms & Conditions and familiarise yourself with the 12 Short Stories website: 12 Short Stories Please note: This year, the competition will be on a separate…