Your Book Is A Business – You Need To Invest In It

Your Book Is A Business – You Need To Invest In It

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make regarding your manuscript is how to publish. Do you want to approach a traditional  publisher or self-publish?  Both have merit and writers have strong feelings and opinions about both. This post is not a discussion of…

4 Different Platforms For eBook Publishing

Source: InstaScribe If you want to learn how to write a book, join our Writers Write course in Johannesburg. If you enjoyed this post, read these: The Top 10 Writer’s Block Quotes The Myth of Writer's Block The Benefits of Reading - An Infographic  

The 12 Best Tools To Use Before Self-Publishing A Book

Guest Post Publishing a book using traditional publishers can be intimidating for new and established writers alike. They are known for rejecting even the best of plots (take Harry Potter for example!). However, with the rise of the ebook and the availability of publishing tools,…

Demystifying Self-Publishing – A Writers Write Event

Join us for breakfast when one of our Writers Write graduates, Per Ostberg, talks about his exciting and exploratory journey from attending our Writers Write course to self-publishing his memoir PERspective. Per will outline the eight simple steps he took to get a book from idea…
12-Steps To Self-Editing

12 Steps To Self-Editing

Have you finished writing your book? Are you looking for editing tips? In this post, we share a stress-free guide to preparing a manuscript - 12 steps to self-editing.
How To Market Your Book

How To Market Your Book

(Note from Writers Write: Before you publish a book, make sure you've written something that is worth publishing. Read books on how to write a book, practise your writing, go on a writing course if you can, and make sure it is edited.) Although this…