6 Ways To Publish A Book

Jane Friedman says she is always asked if authors should self-publish or traditionally publish. She writes, "This is an increasingly complicated question to answer because: There are now many varieties of traditional publishing and self-publishing—with evolving models and varying contracts. You won’t find a universal, agreed-upon…

Your Book Is A Business – You Need To Invest In It

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make regarding your manuscript is how to publish. Do you want to approach a traditional  publisher or self-publish?  Both have merit and writers have strong feelings and opinions about both. This post is not a discussion of…

18 Things Writers Need To Know About Editing And Proofreading

Although editing and proofreading are often mentioned together, they are two different things. Editing means improving writing to put the writer's message across in the best way. Proofreading means checking to ensure the writing is technically and aesthetically sound. What is editing? Oxford Dictionaries defines…

4 Different Platforms For eBook Publishing

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