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Poetry 101: Kinds Of Poems – Free Verse

Poetry 101: Kinds Of Poems – Free Verse

In the previous post, we discussed the sonnet, which has a specific structure and is divided into stanzas with a set number of lines, which must then have the right number of syllables, for example. So, it seems easy to say that Free Verse is…
Poetry 101: Kinds Of Poems - The Sonnet

Poetry 101: Kinds Of Poems – The Sonnet

In the coming months I would like to discuss various forms of poetry. There are many, many different kinds of poems. Some have very little, or seemingly no structure, like free verse poetry, and others have rigid guidelines and even syllables that have to be…
Submit Your First Poem For 2019

Submit Your First Poem For 2019

Welcome to all the poets who have joined the 12 Poems Challenge. Here’s to #12/12. This is the first deadline of our first poetry challenge. I will accept and approve posts for Both Sides from 7 February 2019, 8:00 (Johannesburg time | GMT +2:00), until 8 February…
Poetry 101_ What Is A Poem

Poetry 101: What Is A Poem?

So, it turns out I’m going to be writing poems this year. I’m not a poet. At least, I haven’t been one for a while or maybe never, but I am very excited about this challenge. I dabbled with poems a long time ago and…
12 Poems Challenge 2019

Welcome To The 12 Poems Challenge For 2019

Can you write 12 poems in 12 months? Yesterday, I wrote about why you should write poetry. I hope that I have convinced you that writing poems is a worthwhile pursuit. Today, we're introducing our 12 poems challenge. It would be awesome if you would…
15 Reasons To Write Poetry

15 Reasons Why You Should Write Poetry

Why should you write poems? Because they’re awesome, but also because poetry is even more condensed that the short story. I find writing poems challenging and they make me approach writing differently. 15 Good Reasons To Write Poetry They also: Allow you to brainstorm. Because…