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7 Things To Avoid When You Write For Children

Don’t Ever Do This When You Write For Children

Writers Write creates resources for writers. In this post, we suggest several things you should not do when you write for children. Writing for children is amazing and challenging. There are many things you should do, but here are seven things you should not do. 7…
What My Six-Year-Old Taught Me About Storytelling

What My Six-Year-Old Taught Me About Storytelling

Writers Write creates writing resources and shares writing tips. In this post, Mia Botha reveals: 'What my six-year-old taught me about storytelling.' My six-year-old son taught me that as beginner writers we often underestimate the power of the antagonist. Where's The Baddie? My knees are…

6 Ways To Find The Children’s Story Only You Can Tell

What was your childhood reading list? Orphaned Bears or Teen Detectives? Do you remember discovering that perfect book? They say you should write what you love to read. This is never truer than when it comes to children’s fiction. When writing for children, it’s a good idea…