Six reasons social media matters to your company

Six reasons social media matters to your company

Socially Speaking

  1. Traditional Media is the fastest declining industry in the world.
  2. Social Media is the new word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most powerful sales tool.
  3. You can’t ignore the numbers. There are 900million people on Facebook, 400million on Twitter, 170million on Google+, 150million on LinkedIn, 120million on Tumblr and 18million on Pinterest. 4billion views are recorded on YouTube every day.
  4. Educated people, who are computer literate, who have good incomes use social media.
  5. Social Media is the new PR. It is not an advertising platform. It is pure public relations.
  6. It’s free. 

Amanda is the founder and CEO of Writers Write. She has more than 50 000 followers (update 2015: 300 000 followers) across various social media. More than 60% (update 2015: 90%) of her company’s business originates across social media platforms.

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