7 Invaluable Tips For Writing Blog Post Titles

At Writers Write, we understand the importance of writing great headlines. If you don’t take time to learn this skill, you will not be able to increase your blog post views. If people don’t visit your blog, they will not be aware of how much you have to offer and your sales will suffer because of this.

As David Ogilvy says, ‘On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.’

Here are seven invaluable tips I’ve learnt from writing blog post titles:

  1. Use adjectives and adverbs. They add colour, create images and a sense of urgency. They also tempt readers to click on your link. Examples: 30 Ultimately Effective Social Media Tools For Writers, 5 Incredibly Simple Ways To Help Writers Show And Not Telll
  2. Use numbers. This is the best advice I could ever give anyone. Begin your blog post title with a number. Readers never get tired of it. It tells your followers exactly how much they have to read. Examples: 21 Social Media Don’ts, 37 Ways To Write About Anger, 45 Ways To Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’
  3. Use time. People like frameworks and deadlines. If you tell them how to do something in 10 minutes or 30 days, the task seems manageable. Examples: How To Plot A Perfect Scene In 10 Minutes, How to plan your blogging week in fewer than 15 minutes
  4. Use ‘How to’, When to’, ‘What’ and ‘Why’. There is a reason that self-help books are popular. Most people want to learn how or when to do things, or they want to learn why something happens. These words are also frequently used in searches. Examples: How to write a one-page synopsis, When To Use ‘That’ And When To Use ‘Which’, What Watching Disney (and Pixar) Taught Me About Storytelling
  5. Make sure your title delivers. If you are going to promise 155 Words to Describe an Author’s Tone, you had better have 155 words that do just that. If you are going to promise Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language, you must make sure that you deliver detailed examples that really will help them.
  6. If you’re going to be cryptic, be clever. If you are going to catch someone’s attention with an intriguing title, make sure that it’s not too odd and that it has something to do with the post. If your headline is confusing or awkward, they won’t continue reading. If you are not too clever, it can be effective. Example: The Locked Room – a simple way to test your plot, Keeping Up Appearances – four ways to dress your characters
  7. Ask questions. Ask questions that may be of interest to your followers. Every blog on this site is about reading or writing, so we know that our questions will have to be about these topics. Examples: Is Genre a Straitjacket? Heroes and Anti-Heroes – What’s the difference?

Top Tip: Sometimes, there is no formula and you may want to keep your title short and focused. If your title conveys your meaning in the shortest possible space, it is an effective title. You could use this type of title when you are being more matter of fact. Examples: The Myth of Writer’s Block, The Importance of Inciting Moments.

You can mix these tips up and use more than one of them in your titles. Many of the examples use three of more in one title. Take time on your headlines to make an impact on the web. Use the Co-Schedule Headline Analyser to test your headline.

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 by Amanda Patterson. Follow her on  Facebook,  Tumblr,  Pinterest,  Google+,  LinkedIn,  and on Twitter:  @amandaonwriting

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  1. Emily Johnson

    Amanda, thanks for the helpful article! In my opinion, #4 and #7 tips work best than other. By the way, I also wrote an article about this topic http://omnipapers.com/how-to-write-a-blog-post I think you will be interested.

  2. Amanda Patterson

    Thank you, Emily. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.

  3. awesomegames2014

    While it is true that titles can attract readers it takes only quality content to keep such readers else they wont hesitate to hit the close button and bounce off. While titles should be catchy enough to attract readers ensure to support it with quality contents that can keep the readers coming again and again and even sharing the post for others to read.

    But then i have also personally discovered that problem solving articles like How-to articles or any other problem solving kinda articles attract huge readers looking for solution to their problems and a good look at your site shows you have mastered this technique and have used it in a lot of ways and that is evident in the huge traffic is has brought to your site.

  4. Nicola Smith

    I have to admit, starting a post with a number (21 ways to XYZ!) has rapidly become a pet peeve of mine. I find it either too limiting or overwhelming. But I recognize this as a personal problem 😉

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