Rudyard Kipling’s 7 Rules For Life In London

Rudyard Kipling’s 7 Rules For Life In London

Dear Bird,

I send you a few simple rules for Life in London.

  1. Wash early and often with soap and hot water.
  2. Do not roll on the grass of the parks. It will come off black on your dress.
  3. Never eat penny buns, oysters, periwinkles or peppermints on the top of a bus. It annoys the passengers.
  4. Be kind to policemen. You never know when you may be taken up.
  5. Never stop a motor bus with your foot. It is not a croquet ball.
  6. Do not attempt to take pictures off the wall of the National Gallery or to remove cases of butterflies from the National History Museum. You will be noticed if you do.
  7. Avoid late hours, pickled salmon, public meetings, crowded crossings, gutters, water-carts and over-eating.

Ever your

(Source: O Beloved Kids: Rudyard Kipling’s Letters to His Children)

 by Amanda Patterson

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