Remember Your Reader – 5 Persuasive Writing Tips

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Who is your reader?

Your reader always reads between the lines, has better things to do, is not an idiot, never reads everything, and wants to be entertained.

Your reader always asks these questions when reading:

  1. Is this relevant to me?
  2. Is this interesting?
  3. Is this enjoyable?

Five Persuasive Writing Tips

  1. To succeed you should begin on the right foot. Grammar is important and errors are unforgivable. Make sure it is flawless.
  2. You should use the right words and bring in a sense of urgency.
  3. Write for your audience. Focus on what matters to them and not what you think is important.
  4. Give reasons for your communications. People always ask why. Why should we listen to you? Why should we buy your product? Tell them.
  5. Always use credible references.

by Amanda Patterson

© Amanda Patterson

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