One Of A Kind – Embracing Your Uniqueness As A Writer

I’m always surprised, and delighted, at the way delegates interpret writing exercises during class on Writers Write. No two are ever the same. Some are dramatic or clever, others quirky or funny.

I love hearing them read aloud. I love seeing the reaction of the other writers around the table. Everyone is caught up in the moment.

We’re all unique as people and we’re all unique as writers. Why try to copy or imitate other writers? Yes, we’re all influenced by other writers – our language, our imagination, even our style, comes from years of reading.

Reading is the mother’s milk that nourishes us and brings us back to the page. Books become the invisible theatre in our minds to which we escape, but we can also say that they are our classrooms.

The truth is that each of us has a storytelling talent that is all our own. So why not embrace it, own it, and share it with the world? You can’t be the next Terry Pratchett or Gillian Flynn – but you can be the next you.

Five Fun Exercises To Help You Find Your Special Voice:

  1. Describe an orange to someone who was never seen or tasted one. Write it in an informative or funny, or write it as a poem – just have fun.
  2. Describe the sound of your best friend’s voice. How do they laugh? How does their voice change when they cry?
  3. Write about the celebrity or reality TV star you loathe the most. What would you do if you got stranded on a desert island or locked inside a hotel room with them?
  4. Write about the best day of your childhood, or write about your worst day as an adult. What do you remember? Bring as many of the senses into the story as possible.
  5. Imagine you’re giving someone directions to your house. How would you do this if you’re not allowed to mention any street names at all? How would you make sure they don’t get lost?

Our unique viewpoint is how we see the world around us and, let’s not forget, the world inside us. Our unique voice is how we make sense of the world and how we share that with others and ourselves.

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If you want to learn how to write a book, join our Writers Write course in Johannesburg or sign up for our online course: