Literary Birthday – 9 August – Graeme Gibson

Happy Birthday, Graeme Gibson, born 9 August 1934


  1. Somewhere along the way we identified ourselves with them, and came to associate birds with the realm of spirits, as opposed to that of bodies and their carnal appetites.
  2. Birds had been around for over one hundred and fifty million years by the time humans appeared on the scene. We came to self-awareness surrounded by them. Doubtless birds and their eggs were our first fast food.
  3. Birds are imagination and longing and spirit.

Graeme Gibson is a Canadian novelist. He is also a founder of the Writers’ Trust of Canada, a non-profit literary organisation that seeks to encourage Canada’s writing community.He has a long-term relationship with novelist and poet Margaret Atwood, which began in 1973. He is well known for his 1973 book Eleven Canadian Novelists and The Bedside Book of Birds: An Avian Miscellany.

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by Amanda Patterson