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Alex van Tonder

Literary Birthday – 8 July – Alex van Tonder

Happy Birthday, Alex van Tonder, born 8 July 1983

Six Tips For Writers (taken from our Writers Write Interview)

  1. Write the book you want to read and the one your friends want to read. Because then even if it’s not published, it’s still rewarding for you.
  2. Set yourself a goal of writing and finishing a bad first draft. That’s not intimidating. Once you have that you can make it better.
  3. Learn the rules before you break them.You need to be writing while you’re learning the rules. It’s difficult to understand them if you haven’t written.
  4. Stay physically fit. I have a day job and it helps me with my mental endurance.
  5. I start with a plot. I am advertising trained. Everything needs to have a point. Once this has been done and the boundaries have been set, I have to find the characters who will serve the plot. The characters have to be a certain way to do this and I have to find out from them why they are there and how they got there.
  6. Writing every day is important. Time passes anyway. If you do 500 words every day, you will inevitably have a book.

Alex van Tonder is a South African author. She published This One Time in 2015.

 by Amanda Patterson

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