David Hare

Literary Birthday – 5 June – David Hare

Happy Birthday, David Hare, born 5 June 1947


  1. No one but a fool is always right.
  2. The act of writing is the act of discovering what you believe.
  3. If you like judging, please: be a lawyer. Run a dog show. There’s a whole lot of jobs if judging is your passion in life. But take my advice: if you want to be happy, keep your judging professional. And don’t start putting in practice at home.
  4. Thought is the wind and knowledge the sail.
  5. I never used to kill characters, because I thought killing characters was cheating.
  6. What politicians want and what creative writers want will always be profoundly different, because I’m afraid all politicians, of whatever hue, want propaganda, and writers want the truth, and they’re not compatible.
  7. Poetry is the key to the hieroglyphics of nature.

David Hare’s 10 Rules for Writers

  1. Write only when you have something to say.
  2. Never take advice from anyone with no investment in the outcome.
  3. Style is the art of getting yourself out of the way, not putting yourself in it.
  4. If nobody will put your play on, put it on yourself.
  5. Jokes are like hands and feet for a painter. They may not be what you want to end up doing but you have to master them in the meanwhile.
  6. Theatre primarily belongs to the young.
  7. No one has ever achieved consistency as a screenwriter.
  8. Never go to a TV personality festival masquerading as a literary festival.
  9. Never complain of being misunderstood. You can choose to be understood, or you can choose not to.
  10. The two most depressing words in the English language are ‘literary fiction’.

David Hare is an English playwright, screenwriter and theatre and film director. He received Academy Award nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Hours in 2002, based on the novel written by Michael Cunningham, and The Reader in 2008, based on the novel written by Bernhard Schlink. His plays include SkylightStuff Happens, and The Blue Room.

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by Amanda Patterson

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