Literary Birthday – 29 December – Sean Chercover

Happy Birthday, Sean Chercover, born 29 December 1966

Three Quotes On Writing

  1. There’s no secret formula. The main thing is, you write. Sounds obvious, yet it amazes me how many people say they want to be writers but don’t write. Odd, that. Anyway, you write, and then you write some more. You revise, and then you revise some more. You show your work to others and you learn from their reactions.
  2. You read. I’m even more astounded by people who claim they want to write, but they don’t read. Can you imagine a musician who doesn’t listen to music? Of course not. So you read a ton, you read constantly, and you read critically, with an eye to the workings of the craft. I don’t mean reading books about how to write – I mean reading fiction.  Should go without saying, really.
  3. Don’t confuse reading books on the craft of writing with the act of writing. You must write. And while it’s essential to learn the craft, in the end you must write your own story in your own voice.

Sean Chercover is an American-Canadian crime writer. He is well known for The Trinity Game (The Daniel Byrne Trilogy).

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