Nicholas Evans

Literary Birthday – 26 July – Nicholas Evans

Five Quotes On Writing

  1. Read, read, and read. Then, when you think you’ve read enough and might know how to do it, find a story that moves you and tell it from the heart.
  2. Try not to copy anyone’s style and don’t think about the reader, just write for yourself.
  3. Be your characters, inhabit their heads; never bend the characters to fit the story; write what is true to them.
  4. Starting to write is a bit like going for a hike in a place you have never before visited with people you know little about. Before you set out, you study the map and then you drive there, put on your boots and your backpack of research and set off up the trail. At first, the characters you are hiking with will be like silhouettes; maybe you know just one or two key things about them. Once you start walking, you have to ask yourself all kinds of questions about them. Where was she born? What was his relationship like with his father? Did she go to college? Can she catch a ball, sail, speak French? Who was his first love? As you answer these questions, so the silhouettes begin to fill in and after a few miles you are getting to know who they are.
  5. [I write from] about 9.30am until around 7pm – then I go for a run and try to figure out what went wrong.

Nicholas Evans is an English journalist, screenwriter, television and film producer, and novelist. He is best known for writing The Horse Whisperer.

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