Jacqueline Susann

Literary Birthday – 20 August – Jacqueline Susann

Seven Quotes

  1. Never judge anyone by another’s opinions. We all have different sides that we show to different people.
  2. I’ve got a library copy of Gone with the Wind, a quart of milk and all these cookies. Wow! What an orgy!
  3. I don’t think any novelist should be concerned with literature…literature should be left to essayists.
  4. The second draft is on yellow paper, that’s when I work on characterizations. The third is pink, I work on story motivations. Then blue, that’s where I cut, cut, cut.
  5. I wanted to write it long before I wrote Every Night, Josephine! I’d been thinking about it a long time.
  6. Love shouldn’t make a beggar of one. I wouldn’t want love if I had to beg for it, to barter or qualify it. And I should despise it if anyone ever begged for my love. Love is something that must be given — it can’t be bought with words or pity, or even reason.
  7. Never let anyone shame you into doing anything you don’t choose to do. Keep your identity.

Jacqueline Susann was an American novelist. Her most famous work is Valley of the Dolls.

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by Amanda Patterson