Danielle Steel

Literary Birthday – 14 August – Danielle Steel

Nine Quotes

  1. A bad review is like baking a cake with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it.
  2. A book begins with an image or character or situation that I care about deeply.
  3. When you can bring yourself to write about it one day, you will find it all less painful. It is a catharsis of sorts, but the process can be brutal. Don’t do it until you’re ready.
  4. I try to write about the stuff that torments us all.
  5. I wrote because I needed to and wanted to. It never occurred to me that I’d become famous.
  6. The usual way – through a long series of rejections, revising my manuscripts, and kept trying again and again. Finally I was fortunate enough to find a good agent.
  7. I completed my first novel when I was 19 years old.
  8. People do like the film versions of things, … I thought this was a nice way to get my books back into the marketplace.
  9. If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future.

Danielle Steel is an American novelist. She is currently the best-selling author alive and the fourth best-selling author of all time, with over 800 million copies sold. Her books have been translated into 28 languages, with 22 adapted for television, including two that have received Golden Globe nominations. The latest is The Good Fight.

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