Literary Birthday – 14 April – Wells Tower

Six Quotes

  1. With fiction, there’s no reason why everything you write shouldn’t be amazing. Nobody’s stopping you from making up better stuff.
  2. Being a human being isn’t just all misery and despair. There’s a lot of available joy out there, even if we don’t often find it. I think that fiction should find opportunities for joy.
  3. It’s a good lesson for writing a short story: it’s best to really start small. I think the best stories start from something tiny.
  4. The internet is a fucking curse! To write good fiction, you have to get into a tiny space that’s infinitely deep. That thing [the Internet] is so vast, yet has only a centimetre of depth. I actually have two desks; one with internet for magazine work, and a desk just for writing that’s completely offline.
  5. I can never coldly write a story; it doesn’t work. I’ve tried it where I have an outline, and I’ll think this is going to be so easy, but when I sit down of course it’s not. You have to get into a state of autohypnosis and let the story be what it wants to be. That takes time.
  6. Human beings have a tendency towards hypocrisy. People behave badly.

Tower is an American writer of short stories and non-fiction.


by Amanda Patterson