How Do You Find Your Writing Voice?

When you write in this voice, there is no pretence and your readers will be as comfortable as you are. They will gladly enter the worlds you create on the page. They will not feel as if they are reading; they will feel as if they are experiencing the story.

Tip: Don’t confuse tone with voice. Voice can be explained as the author’s personality expressed in writing, while tone refers to the attitude of the writer in a piece of writing.

Practice makes perfect

You already have your voice. The only way to find it or improve it, is by writing. This is not something you do quickly. You will have to write many words before you are comfortable enough for your voice to shine through naturally. If you want to write books, aim to write for 10 000 hours or write a million words. I do believe a good writing course will help you make the most of your voice.

It is difficult to define this voice, but when you have found it, you will know. So will your readers.


A prompt a day

A good way to find your voice is by establishing a writing routine that includes a daily writing prompt. Writing prompts are an excellent way to exercise the writing muscle. We post a daily writing prompt on our Facebook page. They are also available on our Creative Blog. If you’re looking for writing prompts, read these posts:

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